Product Documentation

Why was my LPM/VPM (Links/Verifieds Per Minute) high yesterday but slower today?

Variability in LPM and VPM (Verifications Per Minute) is common and influenced by several factors.** The daily performance of our link lists can fluctuate due to:

1. **The efficiency of our scrapers:** Our team continuously runs 7/24 scrapers to gather new links. The output can vary each day, impacting the LPM.

2. **Real-time verifications by GSA SER:** The process of verifying links is dynamic and depends on links’ current quality and availability. Some days might yield higher-quality links than others.

3. **Quality of links:** We prioritize the quality of links in our lists. Therefore, the focus on maintaining high-quality links can sometimes affect the LPM.

4. **Manual cleaning and updating of lists:** To ensure you get the best links, we regularly clean our lists manually. This process, while beneficial for link quality, can temporarily slow down the LPM as it requires time to accumulate fresh, high-quality links. It typically takes a few hours to a full day for the LPM to return to normal.

5. **User’s daily performance:** Your usage patterns, settings, and the specific projects you’re running on GSA SER can also affect LPM.

**Remember, these fluctuations are normal and part of ensuring you receive the best links for your SEO efforts.**