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I want to create Contextual backlinks. How can I do it?

We specifically scrape and filter backlinks for Web 2.0 backlink creation. You can find the ‘Contextual Pool [Real-Time]’ in our member’s area. It includes high-quality links from Wiki, Social Bookmarks, and Articles. You can create Web 2.0 backlinks by using the links in this folder.

As these verified targets are harvested from high-quality websites (Most Web 2.0 sites are rich in quality), creating backlinks on these sites can be challenging. It is important to support GSA Search Engine Ranker with an addon such as SEREngines to create Web 2.0 backlinks.

When it comes to proxies, we highly recommend our members to use high-quality proxies along with quality emails. You can use emails and proxies in a 1:1 ratio to get better results. When choosing emails, it’s better to use different email clients to make your campaigns look more natural.

Each of our links is verified through GSA Captcha Breaker. Yet, we can recommend our members to use an advanced captcha solver for creating Web 2.0 backlinks to get a higher success ratio.

Make sure that you have chosen the ‘Contextual Pool [Real-Time]’ folder, and we will make sure that it contains plenty of verified targets to feed your campaigns.

You can learn how to create a GSA Parasite Blast via this post.