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What is the best VPS for GSA SER?

You may have tried to set up GSA SER on your pc/laptop and get proper results with it. But it’s nearly impossible nowadays. GSA SER requires a high performing VPS to run at it’s best performance. Choosing the right set up will help you to improve you to have a higher LpM and a Vpm value while improving the efficiency of GSA SER.

We cannot recommend an exact VPS choice for you. But we can let you know how to choose the best one for your GSA SER.


GSA SER is a 32-bit platform that only takes up to 2GB of RAM. But you will have to use other tools such as GSA Captcha Breaker (Or an alternative captcha solver) and SEREngines. You will have to leave at least 6 extra GBs for other essential addons. You should be able to choose any ram capacity above 8GB to get better results with GSA SER.

Hard Disk

Using a VPS that has an SSD hard drive will make GSA SER run like a beast. It will not get you any lag while tweaking the software and making campaigns.

To set up GSA SER and other essential addons, you will only need about 80GB of space. You may need to pick a bigger hard drive if you have many other tools to install.


This is a bit trick fact that you need to consider when choosing a VPS. Having a higher bandwidth will, of course, help GSA SER to reach a higher LpM and VpM level. Most US based servers come with unlimited bandwidth. Choosing a server that has unlimited bandwidth can be beneficial for you because you can run your GSA SER 24/7.

Most members ask what our recommended servers are. We suggest you choose,

Feel free to check out their other servers as well. At the end of the day, you are the one who knows what’s best for you.