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Do I have to use proxies? How to choose the right proxy for the projects?

Perhaps you think that you will be able to use public proxies just like the good old days. But now it’s essential to use private/quality proxies for GSA SER projects. Using quality proxies can definitely benefit your LpM and VpM values as well.

With the recent and consistent updates that have been released by web authorities, there is a higher probability of proxies being saturated quicker. We highly recommend you to use a rotating proxy technique to maintain a higher LpM and a VpM value.

Tips to get the most out of your proxies

Avoid public proxies

Make sure the proxies are working before running the project

Test Proxies - GSA SER - SER Verified Lists

Options – Submission – Configure – Test Proxies – All – Bing (Or any engine you like to test with)

Add about 10 threads per proxy. (Ex. 50 proxies can run with 500 threads)

Threads to Use - GSA SER - SER Verified Lists

Options – Submission – Threads to use

For anyone who would like to know our recommended proxy providers, we can name