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How to set up a GSA Para Site Blast?

You can create a GSA Para Site Blast with our specially filtered links that have a low OBL and higher PA-DA values. When you create a Tier 1 backlinks, you have you use only contextuals and do follows. This is how you simply create a project for a higher tier campaign.

You can follow these options to set up your campaign for a Parasite blast.

Select Option – Advansed – ‘Direct the LOW OBL – PA-DA [Realtime] folder’ – OKDirect List folder - SER Verified Lists

Double Click the Project – Options – Check ‘Use URLs from global site lists if enabled’ – Check the directed folder (Ex – ‘Verified’) – OK

Select Contextuals and Do Follows

Right Click submit section – Click ‘Check All’ – ‘Click Uncheck Engines that use no contextual links’  – Click ‘Allow All’

Select Contextuals and Do Follows - SER Verified Lists

Select Contextuals and Do Follows Allow All - SER Verified Lists