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LpM value is low after syncing lists with GSA SER.
Last Updated 4 months ago

This is a very common issue that most GSA SER users come across after receiving verified lists. We will show you how to come across this issue and get better results with the tool.

GSA SER is a powerful program which process tasks as a human. Let's imagine that you got to create many accounts, posts, and a couple of threads. It is going to take you time (could take hours), and it depends on many factors such as the performance of the pc, speed of the connection, quality of the proxies and emails, etc. The productivity of your tasks will be based on the quality of these resources.

When it comes to the SER, using a VPS will allow the software to run on it's best performances. Having a faster internet connection will help SER to process faster through websites. Including a good captcha breaker will allow the tool to process captchas faster and keep up with the efficiency. Providing quality proxies, emails, and recycling them when they are getting saturated will also help the GSA SER to perform well.

Once you clarify these matters and if you still think that there is something wrong with the lists that you receive, please don't hesitate to open a ticket at our helpdesk. One of our agents will help you solve the issue.

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