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I can't directly download lists from the member's area. What should I do?
Last Updated 25 days ago

You might find it hard to directly downloading lists via the Member's area because we scrape and filter a larger number of links at the same time, and sometimes the directed URLs can be too long to browse and download.

We highly recommend you to install Dropbox on your VPS and let GSA SER read the links we provide that comes with live 24/7 monetization. We can ensure that you will receive, and GSA SER will read fresh links that are not saturated by doing so.

Also, you can request for Dropbox access and simply download the Completed Solo Lists that's been updated on a weekly basis. It is a small .sl file that you can download anytime. (At least, you need to have access for the Dropbox Global shared folder)

You can also manually download the folders by visiting your Dropbox folder with the web browser. After downloading and saving them on your desired location, you can instruct GSA SER to read the downloaded files from the desired location.

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